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Charleston SC: Why Staying in a Vacation Home is Better than a Hotel

Think about what characteristics of your home make you feel just that - at home! Being in a house adds a sense of natural comfort. "Homey," if you will. It is your own space for just you and your family. You have bedrooms to relax and unwind, a kitchen to prepare meals and congregate with friends and family, you have outdoor space to enjoy Charleston’s weather and the surrounding vistas whether that means a trendy downtown loft or beachfront with sunrise views. Having these different spaces to create memories with your loved ones or create a relaxing retreat for yourself and enhances your memories and experience.  

When you stay in a hotel, you are restricted to just a single room or suite. Your room is identical to all the rest, and you are surrounded by hundreds of people. Your services and accommodations are subject to change and restricted by the hotel. It is hard to feel relaxed in this sort of setting, especially in a popular vacation destination like Charleston. You don't have quite as much of your own space and you are limited in privacy. Does that sound like luxury and relaxation? You may want to consider why staying in a vacation home is better than a hotel ...

When renting a luxury vacation home from Luxury Simplified Retreats, you’re truly receiving a one-of-a-kind experience. With our Retreats Concierge exceptional customer service, Luxury Simplified Retreats provides much more than a hotel. We provide you with a home in which to build your vacation memories.

Our team puts your satisfaction at the top of their priority. After extensive and professional cleanings are performed before each check-in we have our staff members meet you upon arrival at the property you've chosen for your vacation getaway. Our team can help assist you with any aspect of your trip like booking reservations, transportation, local events, programs and tips on all the greatest sights to see. We can even handle stocking your groceries!

Luxury Simplified Retreats has a wide variety of luxury vacation rentals, locations and options within the Charleston area and growing.  Our team chooses the top properties in some of Charleston's most desirable vacation destinations for your enjoyment and strives to make your visit to Charleston the most memorable it can be.  So the next time you're planning your getaway, think about staying in a vacation home over a hotel - especially in Charleston. Experience all that Charleston SC has to offer and let us make it easy!

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Small informal write up about what the blog is meant for: Our property managers are the best in the industry. We handle every for our clients so they can rest easy knowing that we have. 

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