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Charleston SC: The One Thing That Sets Vacation Rental Management Companies Apart
Charleston SC: The One Thing That Sets Vacation Rental Management Companies Apart
Brittany Walker

Since Charleston SC claimed the title of "#1 City in the World" by Travel+ Leisure, the vacation rental industry here has grown exponentially. Whether you’re a vacationer, homeowner or investor, it seems like everyone wants a piece of the pie. Taking care of a property is a full-time job, so if you’re a vacation rental homeowner and don’t want the heavy burden that comes with cleaning, maintenance, and booking, then a vacation rental management company is your solution. When choosing a property manager, there are several factors to consider prior to selection, but more often than not, occupancy levels and consistent, reliable property care are two crucial areas a property management company must deliver on.


With today's advanced technology, it's important for companies and property managers to evolve with the changing trends, otherwise risk becoming obsolete. Luxury Simplified Retreats went through a technological change this past spring with the implementation of Escapia, a comprehensive vacation rental management and booking software.  


"How does this impact me as a vacation rental homeowner?" you may ask.  In short, Escapia is an integrated booking and management software, allowing us to market properties through various platforms, such as Air BnB, Homeaway, and VRBO as well as 50 other worldwide booking partners. Luxury Simplified Retreats portfolio of vacation rentals are evenly distributed throughout booking channels, tapping into a larger market than ever before. The booking process has also been simplified for guests through automated quotes, as well as an "instant booking" feature. We have found that the least amount of steps a guest has to take, the more likely they are to complete the transaction and commit to the rental terms.


Instead of manually entering each reservation that is made through different booking channels, Escapia compiles all reservations in one place, and automatically updates the property information, rates, and availability. Streamlining the day-to-day operations of booking and confirmations allows our team to focus on the care and upkeep of your property, while Escapia drives higher occupancy levels.


An efficient business is a good business, so when making the important choice of a vacation rental manager, understanding how they will achieve high occupancy levels, as well as reliable property care is crucial in the decision making process.


To find out more about what Luxury Simplified Retreats can do for you as a homeowner, view the FREE booklet on how we manage our Charleston SC luxury vacation rentals.


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